Label Services

Record Label A&R Support can be invaluable for unsigned artists who want to grow just as a content studio can be a boon to content creators who want to flourish as creatives.

Since do-it-yourself solutions don’t always work for everybody, Liberty Media Productions partnered with Libby Records and designed label services to help media artists and content creators who want to make the most of harnessing industry relationships between media compatriots as an opportunity to grow further together and to create win-win solutions.

Label Services

Get a quote from Liberty Media Productions suite of Label Services from Media Club Membership to Record Label A&R Support, safe and inclusive community Shared Studio Space, Professional Development, Training, Cultural Presentations and Talent Identification Showcases.

Membership Access & Support:

–Record Label Services

–Public Relations


–Talent Identification Showcases

–Professional Development & Training

–Advertising, Marketing & Promotion

–Artist Management

–Grant Writing

–Website Design & Maintenance

–Shared Studio Space

Add your email address and we’ll send you a quick survey which takes less time to complete than waiting in line for a Chai Latte.

Alternatively, contact us to take the survey by phone.

Call: 1-866-610-4447

Shared Studio Space

Audio & Video Media Artists

Liberty Media Productions is proud to offer shared studio coworking space. The Audio/Video membership is available to annual members making payment by automatic banking on the same calendar date monthly–based on calendar weeks of seven days, Monday to Sunday.

Starting at $200/Month

Time-Share Facility Access 8:00 am to Midnight

Enjoy Standard Access

Session Hours: Up to 4 hours per session

*Make advance arrangements for premium access

Domestic & International Collaborations are Welcome

To apply for shared studio access, kindly submit your email address. A co-ordinator will follow up with you to complete a phone application to include your bio and media arts areas of practice in our data base.

We will request the names and phone numbers of two references from the arts community whom you have known for more than one year.

Media Membership:

Share AUDIO Studio Space Get Started:

Share MULTIMEDIA Studio Space Get Started:

Block off your time-share sessions to co-ordinate the use of the facility with Liberty Media Productions and three other time share member participants.

If you request further information call: 647-361-5189 to speak with a Facility Coordinator.

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