Label is Located in Toronto, Canada

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Music available for use in

  • Podcasts,
  • Can be played in the background for station advertisements,
  • Can be licensed to a compilation

Commercial Indie Record Label Imprint |

  1. Experiental Co-Management & Experimental Artist Self-Management
  2. Artist Label Services [Administrative Support] for unsigned independent Artists on an  á la carte basis

Label with A Cause: Non-Profit: Artist Development Community Arts Collective | Liberty Media Arts

in association with Phil Lewis World Evangelism Network 

  1. Bargain Rental Studio: $120 Half Day [4 hours] Rehearsal Space, Photoshoots, Green Screen, Interviews, Music, TV, Video, Film Production, Talk Shows, Podcasts, Webcasts, Corporate, Educational Workshops, Seminars, Zoom Concerts, Film Screenings
  2. Performing Artists/Crew: download RELEASE FORM Sign It. Take a picture, and forward it by text to the phone number on file

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