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Check out Liberty Media Productions‘ “funky fresh” Video Ads. Commercial Campaigns feature cutting edge videos to amp up your marketing and promotional initiatives.

Great, You need an effective social media strategy to reach your target audience! We specialize in social content creation and social media management. Check out the gallery of video gigs. Know this, a quick video is worth more than blah, blah, blah…empty words.  

Our lizard brains are genetically wired to remember visually stimulating images. And that is what makes the right Video Ad Campaign critical for R.O.I. Return On Investment.  The marketing science is out and extra short videos are in.

Quick & Dirty Tips:  

  1. Get direct to the point
  2. Instrumental music (most folks watch with volume off)
  3. Implement a Clear Call-to-Action

Select Your Monthly Campaign Budget:

  1. $99
  2. $499
  3. $999+

Enjoy a new Video Ad sent directly to your inbox when you automate your campaign by registering for our subscription services to leverage the greatest value with strength in numbers from our curated Advertiser Pool. This powerful Commercial Campaign features Your Video Ad pennies to the dollar.

Our Social Media Marketing, or SMM, involves the dissemination of creative content across multiple social media networks.

We run Video Ad Campaigns promoting your businesses across YouTube.


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