Artists Development Program

Under Liberty Media Productions’ international TV programming, professional Ontario artists are making some noise by sharing their talent on-screen.

ŻÖË is the artist at Liberty Media Productions hosting Say Word Z, a music variety show.  The multi-talented singer-songwriter known as Zoe.L, is a part-time professional recording artist and a grade eleven Canadian High School student, who has been acting and modeling for a few years.

Liberty Media Productions roster of in-House collaborators have an opportunity to showcase their talents and artistic gifts on a bilingual international music TV show in English and Spanish which will “shout out” Music Biz veterans, and “bigup” music industry emerging artists.

ŻÖË’s Special Music Variety Show is in development

Up & Coming Young, Professional Colourful Collaborators Liberty Media Productions Is Here for You

Join The Professional Art Community Engagement Program:

THE STUDIO FACILITY, Liberty Media Productions,

Are You a Music Lover?  Pop, Hip Hop, R & B, Reggae, Reggaeton, Dance Hall and Neo-Soul.

Calling All Emerging…

  1. Recording Engineers
  2. Audio (Beats) Producers
  3. Music Video Directors
  4. Choreographers
  5. Fashion Stylists
  6. Make-up Artists
  7. Hip Hop Dancers
  8. VJs

There is a place for you at Liberty Media Productions.

Our experiemental, ingenious, artist development program is about collaborating with industry professionals to gain invaluable media experience to add to our demo reels. Join Our Young, Gifted & Colourful Collaborators.  Become a part of a new media arts ecosystem that nurtures your individual gifts and which celebrates your music industry dreams.

Collab with, our Toronto homegirl, Liberty Media Productions’ Artist in Residence.

Pop, Neo-Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Rap, Reggaeton, Recording Artist and lyrical prodigy, songwriter, of the protest song, Better Days, ‘bigups’ is in the House.

Our private Studio Offers Year-Long Program Membership. Young, Gifted & Colourful Artists Development Training Program Modules:

  1. Module: Radio/TV Performance Training
  2. Module: The Business Side of Show Business
  3. Module: Hip Hop-Rap Dance Challenge
  4. Module: Live Performance Coaching
  5. Module: Music Video Production Coaching

Youth Groups

  1. Midddle School & High School 13 to 17
  2. Young Adults: 18 to 22

September to June Membership by automated payment on the 15th day of the Month

Specialized Camps: March Break / July-August Summer Camps (To Be Announced. Check Back close to those dates for details).

Registration by Audition & Interview.

Small (1 to 3) Students to 1 Instructor Ratio

The media world is a collaborative industry.  Liberty Studios’ Artists Development program is about gaining experience and building confidence as a serious up-and -coming international Music Industry professional. Choose Liberty Media Producions and work with artist in residence, ŻÖË, herself.

Check out this unique Collaborative STUDIO facility

Daily Cleaning & Air-Purification: Building Certified By the City of Toronto

We operate the facility at 3% to 5% capacity in the 650 Square Feet Space. One parent drops off minors at the facility.  Masks and Eye Shields are provided. Social Distancing Protocol is observed.

LOCATION! Scarborough minutes aways from Hwy. 401, across the street from Thomson Memorial Park. 2857 Lawrence Ave East at the corner of Brimley Road

Liberty Studio is a one-of-a-kind fast-track pathway to explore the wholesome side of the international Music scene.

Proudly celebrating female entrepreneurship, Liberty Media Productions has been exceeding expectations since 2005.

Request an application form to audition for the Young, Gifted & Colourful Artists Development Program at Liberty Media Productions.

ŻÖË is calling.  She’s inviting you to Say Word Z.  Tell her which upcoming Music “anniversary” milestone you want to celebrate, and, together, we are going to create a video “Shout Out”.
When we shout, “Hey, What’s Good?
You shout, “Say Word, Z.”
Then send us a video of your answers for the show, because we are going to add you to the program as a guest on SuperMusicTV
Say Word Z will start  airing on Saturday nights.
For Your Adept Consideration:
1. What is the 2021 Music Anniversary that you wish to celebrate?
2. Why is it important or meaningful to you?
3. Include the Music Video Link
4. What fun or controversial fact can you tell us about (make sure that it can be
backed up by a living source)
5. Share a story about your role or involvement to give context to the music tribute.
COPYRIGHT: We reserve the right to edit original video recording submitted for use to transform it into a compilation video montage which will become a new derivative work and the property of Liberty Media Productions with copyright ownership for use in projects worldwide for perpetuity.
FINE PRINT: Minors (Persons 13 years of age to 17) have received parental permission to particpate in this artist development program and a talent release waiver is hereby signed virtually by taking part in this Liberty Media Productions artist development program.