Case Studies

The Results Speak for Themselves

1. Stacy-Ann, as a little girl, wanted to tell her story on the big screen, and did so after a Liberty Media Pro showed her the ropes by developing her story.  Stacy-Ann confidently went on to write an extended film version which was screened in a major market to a sold out cinema crowd, and televised on a national network.

2. Carolyn possessed hidden disabilities–she was born deaf and mute–yet dreamed of telling her story on screen.  A Liberty Media Pro mentored her and she soon began writing and shining on Cable TV.

3. Randy and her partner were into book authoring and speaking on stage, and wanted to branch out.  A Liberty Media Pro provided them with expert knowledge to gather a team to launch their pilot and to tell their stories in a full season of broadcast television.

4. Larissa knew she wanted to tell her story after working with a Liberty Media Pro who developed the television script which kicked off her writing career.  She transformed her impossible journey into an inspirational tale of empowerment.

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5. Marye finally had the  breakthrough she had been praying for, and began writing as well as producing her own scripts, with guidance from with a Liberty Media Pro.

6. Shelley was coached by a Liberty Media Pro, who developed her story for television, which kindled her desire to tell powerful stories of vulnerable women, and she’s now producing a feature length documentary. 

7. Colleen had a longstanding dream of writing for the screen.  She kept putting it off,  not knowing where to begin.  After consulting with a Liberty Media Pro, a fire was ignited within her.  She then wasted no more time, and created  multiple scripts which were featured on a couple of networks.

8. Bridget, although previously trained in screen craft, was not producing her original scripts but after gaining hands-on experience with a Liberty Media Pro, two of her screenplays, have been produced, and one is currently in post-production.

9. Regina finally began co-writing, after years of sitting on the sidelines, as a contributor on a weekly series once she was mentored by a Liberty Media Pro.

10. Charmaine desired to commission a Liberty Media Pro to create thirteen scripts to reach an international audience with stories highlighting the positive impact of luxury interiors on mental health.  She successfully wrote her own television scripts with expert coaching from the #ScreenwritingOnSteroids mentorshop program.


I’m Charmaine and  can say Liberty Media Pros are dedicated and dependable and adapt very well to the needs of clients by always walking the extra mile to meet particular needs.

~ Charmaine


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**Liberty Media Pros are professional Screenwriters.  Mentees’ success mentioned aren’t typical and training in the #ScreenwritingOnSteroids program is not a guarantee you will write your own script for the screen or see it produced on any media platform(s). You may achieve your dreams, or you may not.**


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