Toronto World Freedom Film Festival

In partnership with the West Hollywood World Freedom Film Festival, Liberty Media Productions is launching the Toronto World Freedom Film Festival.

DATE: Tuesday, June 25, 2019, at 7:00 pm 

  1. Press Conference
  2. Festival Screening
  3. Panel Discussion
  4. Awards Ceremony
  5. Meet & Greet Reception

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: We are taking submissions for every genre of film in HD, from shorts and features to episodic television plus Web and replays of live-streamed content, so long as it is based on the theme of freedom.

We accept submissions which honor the spirit of liberty.

 Link:  I Wanna Submit My Film

Each film will be adjudicated based on:

  • Quality of Film
  • Thoroughness of Thematic Message
  • Creative Resourcefulness

Here are our five award categories:

  1. Best Screenplay, TV Episode or Web Content
  2. Best Lead on a Screen, TV or Web Performance
  3. Best Supporting on Screen, TV or Web Performance
  4. Best Screenplay, TV Show or Web Content Editor
  5. Best Screenwriter, TV Writer or Web Writer

Co-Founder’s Proof of Concept:  Discover how God spoke to me in a loud audible voice after I graduated with an English Literature degree then starred in professional community theatre and independent film projects.

Moved by Providence, I went to Bible College, planted a church, pastored an inner-city congregation in Toronto, Canada, was ordained, created three national faith-based television series which aired on more than five networks over ten years, completed post-graduate studies in Broadcast Journalism, launched an international TV talk show in association with VisionTV and partnered with a streaming platform…

signed a contract with a distribution company, attended Film School, wrote a short film and am now in development with a feature-length faith-based movie like the War Room

The film is being shopped for pre-sale between Liberty Media Productions and a European film buyer. And I wrote the manuscript of my novel in 2018.

I created  #WritingYourLife Course#GetOnTVCourse for Liberty Media Productions with Case Studies:

1. Stacy-Ann, as a little girl, wanted to see herself on the TV screen and did so after a Liberty Media Pro showed her the ropes by developing her story.  Stacy-Ann confidently went on to write an extended film version which credits her faith with deliverance from anxiety and depression. It was screened in a major market to a sold-out cinema crowd and televised on a national network.

2. Regina loves the Lord with all her heart and possessed low self–esteem.  A Liberty Media Pro mentored her and she soon began co-hosting on InternetTV.

3. Randy and her partner were into book authoring and speaking on stage to empower women to capitalize on their God-given gifts, and wanted to branch out.  A Liberty Media Pro provided them with expert knowledge to gather a team to launch their pilot episode and tell stories about taking a leap of faith on LeapTV, in a full season of broadcast television.

4. Larissa’s testimony of life-saving divine intervention was developed as a television script which kicked off her writing career.  She transformed her impossible journey into a book of inspirational stories: Leaning on Lamp Posts

5. Marye finally stirred up the gift inside her to preach on-air with a fully developed TV ministry following instructional training by a Liberty Media Pro.

6. Shelley was coached by a Liberty Media Pro, who developed her story for television, which kindled her desire to tell powerful stories of vulnerable women, and she’s now producing a feature-length documentary. 

7. Colleen had a longstanding dream of writing for the screen.  She kept putting it off,  not knowing where to begin.  After consulting with a Liberty Media Pro, a fire was ignited within her.  She then wasted no more time and created a Bible teaching telecast which has been featured on a Canadian and an American network.

8. Tehmina was raised in a Christian homealthough trained in TV and Film production, she was not producing.  Hands-on experience with a Liberty Media Pro led to her breakthrough and she has now produced multiple films which have been well received at screenings.

9. Apostle Stewart enthusiastically cleared her schedule to begin an international faith broadcast after consulting with Liberty Media Pros.

10. Charmaine desired to commission a Liberty Media Pro to create thirteen scripts to reach an international audience with stories highlighting the positive impact of luxury interiors on mental health.  She successfully wrote her scripts for the screen with expert coaching from the #GetOnTV mentorship program.


I’m Charmaine and can say Liberty Media Pros are dedicated and dependable and adapt very well to the requirements of clients by always walking the extra mile to meet particular needs.

~ Charmaine


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**As a Liberty Media Pro Dyonne Lewis is an 18-year, veteran media executive.  These successful case studies are thanks to her industry insider expertise with professional training from Bible School, Journalism School, and Film School.LiberetyLogo


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