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The Award-winning Liberty Media Productions is a boutique media company with a couple honors like a Positive Impact Community Award and an Outstanding Film Award.

Media Divisions:

  1. TV/Film/Video Production 
  2. Artist Management Agency
  3. Film Location Shooting
  4. Costume Design
  5. Film TV Set Decorating
  6. Advertising Agency

What if, a media company that runs festivals and workshops, not to mention repping artists and, providing film location shooting in Hollywood North, was founded by a Canadian sister named Dyonne Lewis?

You can say, “That’s Liberty!” 

From promo Video Ads and live solo vocalist performance in the UK to televised location interviews in the US and experimental filming on the world’s longest road–Yonge Street–in Toronto… 

In our world, doing what you like is freedom and liking what you do is happiness. 

Dyonne is a native Torontonian. It’s been more than 30 years that she’s called the city home.

If visiting from out-of-town, and you’re interested in an enriching and entertaining media experience, join Dyonne’s TV Workshop Toronto Experience

Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

The Dyonne Lewis TV Talk Show is an autobiographical streaming telecast created by VisionTV / Zoomer Media Limited, in association with Liberty Media Productions.

Storytelling is the greatest bonding experience eliminating that which divides across genes, geography, and generations.

TV Film Festival Workshop: Open Casting Call



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Sometimes it’s difficult to follow your dream, but it’s a tragedy not to.


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