TV Ministry Workshop

Get Trained to Shine on TV & Avoid Pitfalls

  • Broadcasting Your Message for a TV Audience
  • Working with Production Professionals
  • Getting a Handle on the Technical World of TV Production
  • Complying with Ethical Broadcast Standards

Workshop: Introduction to Ministering on TV 

In this workshop we educate ministers of the Gospel on the fundamentals of preparing to minister on television. This workshop is designed to give you important direction and knowlege as you begin your journey in television.

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Rev. Lewis, Workshop Facilitator, is an Award-winning TV Executive Producer.  

Your goal is to reach more souls! Believe me, you are on the right path. There is a revolution in the way our culture consumes faith content.  Now is a great time to begin an exciting journey into broadcast television.  And you are also in the right place. Since the year 2000 when Rev. Lewis launched her original faith broadcast, she has been on all major TV networks throughout Canada. With thousands of complementary undergraduate and post-graduate higher learning hours, whether by way of Bible and College credit, a High School diploma, a School of Television and Broadcast Arts and ordination certificates, a minister’s license or a University degree, Rev. Lewis has solid experience, knowledge and education in ministry plus TV production and television broadcasting.

Areas of Gifting

This anointed woman of God enjoys specialization and know-how both in front of the television camera lens and behind it.  Her life’s work includes being a professional pastoral counselor in private practice, a former televangelist, an ordained minister, and a current TV talk show host. She is a trained broadcast journalist, anchor and reporter. There are important steps you must to take to get from where you are now and where you need to be on TV. Rev. Lewis will give you directions as she knows ‘The Path’, first-hand, and intimateley and will guide you along the way.  As a matter of fact, she will take you there with a new TV Program for Ministers of the Gospel only.

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. Quote

Financial Obstacles to an Effective and Sustained TV Ministry:

Sally Didn’t Do Her Homework, She Was Ill-Prepared

Before launching a brand new TV Ministry Sally didn’t count the cost and hurriedly came off air. The audience she had built up was, understandably, perplexed not to mention disappointed.

Joe’s Pride Was A Problem

Joe began a faith telecast on a network which was too expensive, embarassed about coming off air, he persisted by switching from network to networks, then walked away with outstanding balances each. His actions earned him a bad name.

Ron Just Shaped Up To Be a Christian Con Artist

Ron began a faith broadcat thinking that he could outsmart television production professionals by trying to profit from their labour [slavery] after hiring them for production and post-production jobs without paying them. Ron ended up with a splendid broadcast by cheating those responsible for making his TV ministry look great and his unconsciounable behaviour caused working class families to become worse off.

Wherever You Want To Go, Work With Someone You Can Trust To Take You There


Knowledge is power.  Financial barriers is what prevents most churches and ministers from realizing an effective and sustainable TV ministry.  Yet there is a sensible way to approach the cost prohibitive aspects of beginning a faith telecast to get your messages on air. A baby has to crawl before s/he can walk. The Bible tells us to despise not small beginnings. If you know that God has called you to minister on TV, the important thing is obedience. Fortunately, Rev. Lewis has created a workshop with you in mind because she knows your struggles. She’s been there.  Are you ready to invest in yourself, to LEARNabout, and explore the step by step fundamentals of how to shine of TV ministry as a minister?

Workshop 1: presents “The Path” with the first practical steps to getting you started as a newcomer in broadcast television. Cost of this Workshop is $500 / Date: TUEDAY, JUNE  5, 2018. Location: Ajax Business Centre at 274 Mackenzie Avenue Ajax, Ontario L1S 2E9.