Interior Designer TV Workshop 1

Learn How To Be An Interior Design TV Star & Secure Affluent Clients

  • Ever Wished You Had the Knowledge of a Reality TV Interior Designer?
  • Discover How An Award-Winning Interior Designer Gains Affluent Clients
  • Do An On-Camera Screen Test with An Award Winning Television Producer
  • Learn How to Score Your First 20K Interior Design Contract

Workshop: Introduction to Reality TV for Interior Designers  

In this TV Workshop the focus is on media arts integration: Interior Design and TV Production…to give you an intensive collaborative opportunity. Excellent direction and instruction will provide practical knowledge for showcasing your Interior Design brand with authenticity and finesse.

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Dee Lewis is an award-winning TV Host and Executive Producer.

Your goal is to drum up greater recognition for your Interior Design brand and sign new clients! We get it.  Let us say that the stars have aligned for our paths to cross. Content, is an impressive king, but is nothing without its Queen, which is marketing.  Marketing is about building trust.  Trust gets people to buy.  People buy when they believe something is authentic, that it, REAL. When you’re REAL, you produce faith in your brand.  Finding your genuine voice allows you to connect with the right clients and positions you to hold a spot in the marketplace that is “especially unique” to you [What is for you is for you!]. Dee Lewis launched an original television series in 2000 and has presented and produced on most all the major TV networks throughout Canada. She has a “make-it-happen” great attitude, in sync with experience plus hands-on- training in TV production and television broadcasting which can help to launch you on an interior design TV path.

Charmaine Wynter is a multi-award winning HGTV & Reality TV pioneer and television star. 

Learn from an expert. Meet Charmaine Wynter an interior design veteran with over 40 years industry experience which means she started when she was in diapers.  Accolades include being the subject of an award winning television documentary, prestigious design awards, HGTV hosting, and winning commercial as well as residential awards for bespoke mutli-million dollar luxury design projects. Charmaine has collaborated with many an industry luminaries over the years and has taught interior design at community College.  Currently, Charmaine Wynter Interiors has headquartres in Houston, Texas with an international reach. Charmaine is now collaborating on providing interior design for a 56 room castle in Italy.  She also runs a mentoring webinar for up and coming shining Interior Design stars.  Under her guidance students have secured their first 20K residential design contracts.

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Roadblocks to Gaining New Clients

Karen Waited for the Phone to Ring

Karen couldn’t understand why she wasn’t connecting with a more affluent clientele, after all, she graduated at the top of her class in interior design school.  It made her blood boil to hear stories of amateurs securing lucrative contracts, then disseminating false interior design information.

John Was Too Cheap

John cut corners by hiring subpar subcontractors and his business suffered, making him miss out on a goldmine of word of mouth marketing and referrals.

Rosie Underpriced Jobs 

Rosie is a very gifted inerior designer. She won high praise from clients but regularly underpricd jobs because she lacked the confidence to quote fair market value on projects.

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What you don’t know can’t help you.  An ineffective marketing strategy is what causes many interior designers to stagnate when it comes to taking their business to the next level so that they can reach an affluent cliente.  If you are ready to invest in yourself, and LEARN about becoming a Reality TV interior Designer and secure new clients like a rock star: to add your name to the list of interested workshop attendees Register Now.

Interior Designer TV Workshop I with Dee Lewis and Charmaine Wynter presents “Be A Star” with the first practical steps to getting you to the next level of your earning power to finess a reality TV gig in the world of interior design. Space is limited. Add your name to reserve a spot, Register Here. Next Workshop. To Be Announced. Location: Ajax Business Centre at 274 Mackenzie Avenue Ajax, Ontario L1S 2E9.



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