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Screenwriting for people who have experienced trauma is about discovering the blessing in the curse by #ScreenwritingYourStory.

“Teaching is demonstrating that it is possible.  Learning is making it possible for yourself.”–Paulo Coelho

Are you still in your head about that screenplay you’ve thought about writing?

Here is a Free MASTERCLASS, Screenwriting Yor Life.  Throw yourself into this class to heal your mind, body, and soul and ultimately heal a piece of your heart.

It’s like no other screenwriting course ever created.  Designed to unpack a comprehensive screenwriting process, it leverages a powerful chapter from your emotional past.

Fictionalize if you must.  In fact, absolutely fictionalize your life adventures if it adds to the brilliance of the story.  

But just get your stars out; free your voice.  This is a therapeutic process for releasing trauma by writing your life story as a screenplay.

When you begin to craft the initial draft of your screenplay, with an authentic voice, it can be a daunting, soul-stirring experience that is emotionally tricky to dive into.

The MASTERCLASS will guide you through the personal pain points as you embark on the writer’s journey of integration between the subconscious and conscious minds

to explore latitude and longitude elements of trauma and navigate the world of your protagonist [you].

Learn the Liberty Media Pro’s methodology of screen craft where structure, plot, and characterization solidly enmesh for a transformative saga of self-discovery.

You have the power to re-write your psychological script.  Why not explore key issues to gain individual transcendence and enlightenment. 

Liberty Media Pros celebrate redemptive storytelling traditions.

Express your “heart narrative”.  Are you ready? Click the link below to get started.


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Eighty-three percent of participants of the Free MASTERCLASS apply for the 8 Weeks #ScreenwritingYourLife Mentorship Program.

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