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In Canada, Liberty Media Productions is a department of Phil Lewis WE Network [A Powerful Network to Bring About Positive Change In society] Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Charitable Registration: #866257322RR0001

Phil Lewis World Evangelism Network is a black-led legal entity in Canada that is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate which supports members of the Black Community

The organization, Phil Lewis WE Network, was co-founded in 1998 by two Black community leaders and granted Canada Revenue Agency registered charity status, constituted federally, by letters patent on April 10, 2000 with the original two individuals and one other additional Black leader comprising the founding board members.

Phil Lewis WE Network has a mandate to support the personal development of both its members (where 80% identify as Black, 15% as People of Colour and 5% as other) and non-members alike.

The Network was formed to advance a culture of faith both domestically and internationally for the purpose of bringing about positive changes across communities that WE Network serves in Canada, and internationally. 

The vision is to uplift Blacks, and all people who self-select as interested in actualizing their full God-given potential, to tap their talents, abilities and spiritual gifts, to be a blessing in society through Christian witness and charitable service. 

Phil Lewis WE Network has a mission to empower people through spiritual educational activities that strengthen one’s faith.  Delivering effective faith-based counsel that builds “the spiritual stamina and resilience” aganst injustice and adversity, is the goal of activities that minister to the whole person: spirit, soul and body.

Results speak for itself.  People have experienced a psychological shift that helps them to discover and commit to pathways to success where they can begin to flourish, and give back by making a positive contribution to society at large, despite all odds that may be against them.  Blacks and all are encouraged to keep the faith.

The acquisition of new Audio/Visual equipment, and a renovation to sound-proof the facility walls serve to make the Film/TV Studio and control Room attractive to members and non-members who must compete in a rapidly changing digital marketplace that places a premium on media savvy.

Behold, Artist Under Development, the rising star, Pop & R&B singer/songwriter Zoe.L,


Liberty Media Productions’ Founder In Her Own Words…

After completing my formal post-graduate media education, I then launched an international TV talk show in association with VisionTV/Zoomer Media Limited and partnered with a streaming platform.

As a Liberty Media Pro, I’m an 18-year, veteran industry executive.  The successful case studies are thanks to fortuitous collaborations with award-winning media insiders, plus soaking in the digital world from its inception.

In development with a feature-length faith-based movie, like the War Room

Zoe’s World:


Unexpectedly, Zoe’s world shifts on its axis when an opportunity arises for her to leave her familiar “reality” behind to pursue a professional music career. Zoe must choose between two paths holding wildly projected outcomes. This Afrofuturistic Sci-Fi tale is a moving coming-of-age film that takes the heroine from knowing the right answers to asking new questions about who she is and her place in the world.

TV Workshop experience has been a catalyst in the success of many: 

1. Stacy-Ann, as a little girl, wanted to see herself on the TV screen and did so after a Liberty Media Pro showed her the ropes by developing her story.  Stacy-Ann confidently went on to write an extended film version that credits her faith with deliverance from anxiety and depression. It was screened in a major market to a sold-out cinema crowd and televised on a national network.

2. Regina loves the Lord with all her heart and possessed low self–esteem.  A Liberty Media Pro mentored her and she soon began co-hosting 7:07 on InternetTV.

3. Randy and her partner were into book authoring and speaking on stage to empower women to capitalize on their God-given gifts, and wanted to branch out.  A Liberty Media Pro provided them with expert knowledge to gather a team to launch their pilot episode and tell stories about taking a leap of faith on LeapTV, in a full season of broadcast television.

4. Larissa’s testimony of life-saving divine intervention was developed as a television script that kicked off her writing career.  She transformed her impossible journey into a book of inspirational stories: Leaning on Lamp Posts

5. Marye finally stirred up the gift inside her to preach on-air with a fully developed TV ministry following instructional training by a Liberty Media Pro.

6. Shelley was coached by a Liberty Media Pro, who developed her story for television, which kindled her desire to tell powerful stories of vulnerable women, and she’s produced and screened a feature-length documentary. 

7. Colleen had a longstanding dream of writing for the screen.  She kept putting it off,  not knowing where to begin.  After consulting with a Liberty Media Pro, a fire was ignited within her.  She then wasted no more time and created a Bible teaching telecast which has been featured on a Canadian and an American network.

8. Tehmina was raised in a Christian home, although trained in TV and Film production, she was not producing.  Hands-on experience with a Liberty Media Pro led to her breakthrough and she has now produced multiple films that have been well received at screenings.

9. Apostle Stewart enthusiastically cleared her schedule to begin an international faith broadcast after consulting with Liberty Media Pros.

10. Charmaine desired to commission a Liberty Media Pro to create thirteen scripts to reach an international audience with stories highlighting the positive impact of luxury interiors on mental health.  She successfully wrote her scripts for the screen with expert coaching from the #GetOnTV mentorship program.


I’m Charmaine and can say Liberty Media Pros are dedicated and dependable and adapt very well to the requirements of clients by always walking the extra mile to meet particular needs.

~ Charmaine

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