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Presenting Pop, R &B Neo-Soul, Contemporary Rap Singer-Songwriter ZOE.L

Phase One Studios Toronto, Photo Courtesy of Producer GGrinzo

Zoe.L Drops Music Video Better Days

Liberty Media Productions is headed in a new direction.  On April 23, 2021 the Toronto-based sole-proprietorship was incorporated federally in Canada as a brand

new start up, therefore launching an Indie Record Label imprint and Artist Management company.  

This incredible rebranding as a Record Label with an in-House artist management division came about organically–what started as a modest boutique business of

content creation for TV, Video & Film has become an independent Label and music company that is focussed on breaking Canadian performing artist, ZOE.L–internationally.Colorful Easter Eggs Blue Photo Easter Sale Instagram Post
The Award-winning Liberty Media Productions is a boutique media company with a couple honors like a Positive Impact Foundation Award

and an Outstanding Volunteerism Film Award for the short motion picture Dyonne Lewis created which features former Canadian MPP, Joe Dickson, and others

discussing the Women’s Multicultural Resource & Counseling Centre’s two decades of service in the community throughout the Durham Region.



Founded by a Black Canadian sister named Dyonne Lewis.  She is an advocate of multiple intersectional issues. While leveraging her arts community experience, and

post-graduate certification in broadcast journalism for the flagship TV talk show,  she branched into Artist Development with a successful submission to 

Made In Toronto Takeover Flow 93.5 fm Radio airplay of a 14-year-old singer-songwriter. ZoeRadioThe Flagship TV talk show is capped off with international location interviews produced in the UK and the USA.  It’s the prerogative to purposely rub elbows with professionals we love: “That’s Liberty!”

Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

The Dyonne Lewis TV Talk Show is an autobiographical streaming telecast created by VisionTV / Zoomer Media Limited, in association with Liberty Media Productions. Storytelling is the greatest bonding experience eliminating that which divides across genes, geography, and generations.